Friday, September 23, 2005

My Poor Nap

I tried to take a nap in Reia's room today while Terry was home. The idea was to be uninterrupted by him getting ready in our room while Reia was playing in the play room.

Sound Asleep.
Reia comes in next to my head and whispers,
"Mommy, can I sleep with you?"
"No." (Nice mommy, huh.)
"But I want to rest, too"
"Can you be still and very quiet?
"Yes." Still whispering and totally lying.
"Okay, c'mon." I scoot over.

She crawls into her bed and proceeds to play with a bowl and spoon she has snuck in. Then..
"Hi, I'm Carla. Hi, I'm Jen. Hi, I'm Curtis. Hi, I'm Kimmee. Hi, I'm Shawn. And together we make HI-5!"

I tried to pretend I was mad, but couldn't help from laughing. So, I got up, went to my bed and she followed me there.

"Mom, can I rest with you in your bed?"

Argh--someone get me a Dr. Pepper.

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Wen said...

Hehee! Oh, do I know that routine. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Your video is precious too! --Wen