Tuesday, September 13, 2005


"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold!"

Remember that song from Brownies? (That's the pre-cursor to the Girl Scouts for those of you who don't know!) With our impending move to Dallas I have been really thinking about how blessed I am with friendships. God provides for me in this area so readily, I can honestly say, I don't need any more friends. Now, before you think I am totally obnoxious, I say that because with two kids and a busy life, I have to work harder at deepening the ones I already have. And, that is important enough to me to not want to throw any more into the mix.

So let's start with the old friends. I really have two from high school that I just adore even though we don't see each other very often at all. What I love about Amanda and Linda is the fact that we can meet once a year, pick up where we left off, spend a day or afternoon together catching up and no one's feelings are hurt for the lack of communication during the previous year. They know the gist of my life since I was 14--when we met. Oh my word, I just realized that was 20 years ago. Seriously, what happened to the days when a school year seemed to last forever? But, I digress. These two were both a solid rock of Christian foundation when I needed it most. I have no idea why the stuck with me. I wouldn't let my girls hang out with a teenager as I once was, but they did. I know they will both get a special jewel in their crowns one day for that. They truly helped me from going off the deep end. And, since the don't even know I have a blog..they may never know that.

In my current life as pastor's wife, mother and keeper of the house, God has put some amazing women in my life. And had we never moved to Corinth, I might not have ever known them. There are days when I look around and think, how in the world did we pick this little city?

My best friend Holly and I are an odd couple. She lives around the corner and is very organized and put together; runs on a schedule, her house is always clean (although, we'll have to see how that changes when Holden hits 2!) she works outside the home; we go to the same church, but not at the same time, she often listens to me for a whole conversation without getting a word in edgewise and doesn't mind when I have to go tend to the kiddos and she doesn't get to talk at all. I love Holly because --she accepts me wholeheartedly for who I am, warts and all. I could, and probably have, told her everything. She is a new friend who will be an old friend should we ever actually get old. Personally, I plan on redeeming my plastic surgery coupon before that happens. In there with me Hols?

I am not going to go down the list of everyone, but I have relatively new friends who mean more to me now than they did one year ago; I have friends who I am becoming closer to because God is beginning to lead us down similar paths. It is all very exciting--this friendship thing. I'm looking forward to see how God is going to refine me through these friendships; and I treasure every one.

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holdenon said...

I love you girl! Thanks for the kind words. The differences in our personalities are what make it so wonderful and diverse! You are a true gift from God and I feel like I am immensely blessed for having met you and call you friend! It is nice to know you are always there for me. Thanks for showing me the other side of my type A personality. I need more balance! And...we'll see what the house looks like in 20 more months! Holls