Thursday, September 29, 2005

Falling Back

Every time a time change comes, I start dreading it several months in advance. I dislike the fall time change the most. Suddenly, instead of my children getting up between 6 and 6:30 am, which is already too early in my opinion, I hear their little voices between 5 and 5:30 am.

I realize many people all over the world get up at that time every day, but does that mean I have to be one of them? So, does anyone have any tricks they use to get their kids on the right schedule again quickly? If you kids sleep until 8 or 9 already--really, don't want to hear from you! ; )


Shelley said...

I like to sleep in so I keep my oldest up a little later so he's more on my schedule. I also keep his room dark (except for the nightlight).

Hmmm, how selfish is that? :-)

Wen said...

My almost 3 year old has always been challenging to get to sleep. I actually still rock him for naps because otherwise he just lays in his bed and sings for as long as I'll leave him there. And believe me, he wins everytime when I try to wait sleep out.

He always woke early as an infant so I put navy blue sheets over his windows. Worked like a charm. He sleeps in now most days until the sun is actually shining... not at dawn.

Kristie Vinson said...

Let me know what you decide and what works. We are still working on trying to sleep through the night!!!

praynlady said...

ok, I've been out of it for so long now, did I miss a time change?
Kaylee sleeps till 8:30 but I let her stay up till 10:00. Paul and I watch the news then we tuck her in and each of us read her a book. She (unfortunately) wants to sleep with us so we have been putting in a movie at night and she falls asleep in her bed and we turn the movie off and pray that she stays there! Sorry I can't help much but I will pray that when the time comes, God will grant you an extra hour or so to sleep peacefully!

Stephanie said...

I hate time changes...the only good thing I can say about it is in 2000 it was the weekend of my hubby and my first date...Oct 29...other than that YUK