Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dear Anonymous,

I have decided to keep you off my blog. You say, "Nice little blog you have here," and that you plan to bookmark me, but I doubt you have even read my blog. Otherwise you would know I am not in need of female escort services--I have plenty of great female friends of the Biblical variety; my husband was a technology pastor so he takes care of my viruses; we take good care of our credit and check it for fraud frequently so I don't need it cleaned up.

So, please don't bookmark me or even read my blog. I have (thanks to many "real" commenters) figured out how to keep you from spamming my blog. Hope you never find a way around this; but since I still get span on my e-mail in spite of all efforts, I am sure you will at some point. By then I am hoping Blogger will have another way to keep you off.

For now I have a new sign on the door that reads, "Keep Out! Only real bloggers allowed!"

PS On a side note. I just spell checked this post and you would think that "Blog" would be a recognized word in a blogger spell checker!


Ashley said...

I’m not sure what features are available through, but similar programs like Moveable Type give you the ability to block specific IP addresses. If you’re getting hit by the same IP address, you may investigate to see if that feature is available to you.

Addie said...

Thanks for the laugh Robin!

Arlan Daniels,SpG said...

Yeah! Score one for Robin...that's the way to let them have it!!

Tori said...

Yeah, and thanks to one of your real comment posters I found out about word verification too!

praynlady said...

Great job! That's tellin' em'. haha
I love the word verification but hate it when I have to type the letters. Maybe I am dyslexic?!! I have such a hard time with some of them that it may take me 2-3 trys to get it right! It's ok though. beats the dead beats that put stuff like that on our blogs. I did read in the blogger knowledge, that they are working on some other stuff to get rid of the fake bloggers.
We'll see!