Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is It Here?

Really? I can hardly believe the temperature outside! I think fall is actually arriving. While it was 103 yesterday, we had our last trip for the season to the local pool. All I could think about was the cool front that was to come around 5pm. The meterologist said, "When you start to see the thunderstorms, the front is coming through."

Sure enough, when I saw the clouds and heard the wind I ran outside gleefully expecting a cooled down atmosphere, but I was sorely disappointed. Still hot and humid. That's okay, it's here now!

Hooray for Fall!!!

Falling Back

Every time a time change comes, I start dreading it several months in advance. I dislike the fall time change the most. Suddenly, instead of my children getting up between 6 and 6:30 am, which is already too early in my opinion, I hear their little voices between 5 and 5:30 am.

I realize many people all over the world get up at that time every day, but does that mean I have to be one of them? So, does anyone have any tricks they use to get their kids on the right schedule again quickly? If you kids sleep until 8 or 9 already--really, don't want to hear from you! ; )

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, let's face it, I didn't just fall off the exercise and eating healthy wagon--I set it on fire and left it to burn. I would still like to know how everyone else is doing. Maybe you'll inspire me to get my rear in gear!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Today I was listening to Dennis Prager, a conservative radio talk show host. I caught the tale end of a conversation he was having with a woman about young girls' clothing and, from what I could tell, how immodest it was becoming.

I admit, I find myself raising an eyebrow at some of the things I see parents letting their young daughters wear for the sake of style. The thing that caught me about this listener was her comment towards the end of the conversation. I am paraphrasing here:

I think many women essentially long for the days when they had their girlish figures. So much so that they use their daughters to recapture their youth. Basically, live vicariously through them.

I really wish I had the exact comment. It was very insightful, as I had never thought of it that way.

What do you think?

SAHM Tip #2--Establish Order

God is a god of order. It is evident in everything he has created. Order gives our children security and freedom to be, well, kids!

What does order look like? For me it involves several aspects. First is we have a daily routine. Not a schedule with exact times--that would make me neurotic, but it does work for many. We have a general idea of what will happen in our day. Wake up, breakfast, clean the house, playtime, read books/school, lunch, rest time, and so on.

Of course we have days when the routine falls apart, or the park calls our name for several hours. To me, that is one of the best parts of being a SAHM--ultimate flexibility.

Secondly, is the order of my household--ie:clean and de-cluttered! I have to fess up here. Our house is on the market, so it has to stay in a perpetual state of clean. Also, since Reese was born Terry has pampered me with a housekeeper that comes every other week. So, I don't have to worry about the mopping and cleaning the shower. But, it wasn't always like this. So, if you are not a neat-freak by nature, like me, check out the Fly Lady. She will show you how to get your house orderly and de-cluttered (over time) and keep it that way.

This post hasn't been terribly poignant, but just to the point. Mainly because, even though these two things are very important, they are the ones I most struggle with. So, good luck! I know I need it...

Friday, September 23, 2005

My Poor Nap

I tried to take a nap in Reia's room today while Terry was home. The idea was to be uninterrupted by him getting ready in our room while Reia was playing in the play room.

Sound Asleep.
Reia comes in next to my head and whispers,
"Mommy, can I sleep with you?"
"No." (Nice mommy, huh.)
"But I want to rest, too"
"Can you be still and very quiet?
"Yes." Still whispering and totally lying.
"Okay, c'mon." I scoot over.

She crawls into her bed and proceeds to play with a bowl and spoon she has snuck in. Then..
"Hi, I'm Carla. Hi, I'm Jen. Hi, I'm Curtis. Hi, I'm Kimmee. Hi, I'm Shawn. And together we make HI-5!"

I tried to pretend I was mad, but couldn't help from laughing. So, I got up, went to my bed and she followed me there.

"Mom, can I rest with you in your bed?"

Argh--someone get me a Dr. Pepper.

My Littlest Cutie Pie!

I love this video because of her laugh. She only laughs like this at Reia and I can never catch it on video. When I finally get the camera, they have stopped! I started taping simply because she was standing on my office chair--which she got up on all by herself by the way.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Steps!!!

Well, Reese took her first steps tonight. Only about 3 from the coffee table to my waiting arms, but she did it about 4 times. As soon as she is a little more sure on her feet, I will post a video!

The world as I know it will never be the same. But, I guess that has been the case since Reia was born!

How Do They Do It?

Let's face it, moms expect a lot of themselves. We want to have a clean house, clean, well-behaved children, laundry done at all times, a healthy wonderful tasting dinner on the table by 6 p.m., a fit body from a regimen of working out and good eating habits--all in a 24 hour day! On top of all that criteria, we want to be able to never discipline in anger and always have the most creative, and therefore impactful way, to impress Godly character on our children. Oh yeah, did I mention we have the Proverbs 31 woman as our guide?

I read a wonderful post by Addie called Patchwork in Process. It is so hard for me (and I'm not even Type A) to balance all a mom has to do; in the end I realize I am relying on myself and feeling very inadequate. So, how do moms who seem to have it all together, do it?

Lori asked if I would comment on what I do to get it all together. Tee Hee! I don't think I do have it all together and one post on that would be forever. So, since I keep forgetting my Weigh in Wednesday until Thursday, I am going to start a new series of posts with tips for the SAHM. Not to say they wouldn't be applicable for the CWM--Christian Working Mom--of course.

Let me first put the disclaimer that I DO NOT think I have it all together or right. Just keep that in mind, comment when you have some tidbit to add (which I hope you do) and enjoy!

First Post: Assume the Position

SAHM Tip #1: Assume the Position

Well, I can't start a series of posts on being a SAHM without starting out with assume the position: on your knees. Each and every day we fall short of what our children need and certainly short of the glory of God.

We will never have it all together if we don't first realize it is only through His grace that we make it through each day. Being a mom is exhausting and often times overwhelming--not to dismiss the utter joy in all of that of course! So, start your days on your knees; even if it is just for a minute. Find a quick devotional book for moms or women to help jump start your day into His arms.

"Rest only in God, O my soul, for from Him my hope comes. (That my children will turn out okay.) He alone is my rock and my deliverance;(From the temper tantrum my child just threw in Target) He is my refuge; I will not stagger.(From 3am sleepy trips to the nursery) Upon God rests my salvation and my glory; my refuge is in God, the rock of my strength. Trust in Him at all times (that he has made you your children's mother for a reason), o people (mothers); pour out your hearts before Him. We have God as a refuge." Psalm 62:5-8

**Red notations added by me just so there are not misunderstandings.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"Reia, I will get the plates and cups if you will get the placemats and bring them to the kitchen."
"I'd be belighted to, mommy!" Big cheesy grin on her face.

Love that kid!

The Firm

Well, I tried to do my first Firm workout this morning. I didn't get up to run, so I figured I needed to do something. I'm not disappointed--really. I am just the most uncoordinated person I know. I was under the impression that it was very little aerobic step type of a workout. But, it is really the opposite. (Quite frankly, the video is still playing in the background while I decided to blog about it. Yup, that's some great workout I'm getting. My fingers are going to be buff from all the fast typing I am doing to the music.)

The Firm promises visible results after 10 workouts. It will take me 10 workouts on each video (there are 3) just to get the hang of it. I will persist though. I would really love for my fanny to be lifted!

Monday, September 19, 2005

My Face

Every once in a while, my skin, particularly on my face, just goes crazy. I have the worst breakouts I've had since I was pregnant. (No, that's not it.) I have even gotten out the clearasil because I can't get it under control.

So, what I am wondering is does anyone have any homemade sure-fire cure alls for deep, underground, not going away, face hurting pimples?

Too On the Go

I really try not to be a mom who is so "on the go" all the time. I would ideally like to have one day other than Sunday when we just go a get an assortment of things done. But over the past several weeks, we've been out a lot. (Hence the lack of blogging.)

When we go too much, I feel so convicted about the time, or lack of it, that I spend with the kids. When we are not able to just hang out and play without having to get household chores done, Reia starts to act out and Reese just gets out of sorts all the way around.

So, this week is a stay at home week. We'll get out for the library and ballet practice, but I really want to be a stay at home mom who stays at home for a while. I'm sure by next week I'll be stir crazy!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oops! Wedneday Weigh In on Thursday

Sorry, we just weren't home yesterday.

Lost: None--which I can't believe considering the amount I threw up with the stomach flu. Oh well!
Aerobic and Muscle--did nothing this past week on either
Food: not too bad. I really didn't eat all weekend because of being sick

Right now I am watching Paula Deen make Italian food the southern way. Who wants to eat healthy now? I just want the dishes she is making. I may be gaining weight just looking at it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold!"

Remember that song from Brownies? (That's the pre-cursor to the Girl Scouts for those of you who don't know!) With our impending move to Dallas I have been really thinking about how blessed I am with friendships. God provides for me in this area so readily, I can honestly say, I don't need any more friends. Now, before you think I am totally obnoxious, I say that because with two kids and a busy life, I have to work harder at deepening the ones I already have. And, that is important enough to me to not want to throw any more into the mix.

So let's start with the old friends. I really have two from high school that I just adore even though we don't see each other very often at all. What I love about Amanda and Linda is the fact that we can meet once a year, pick up where we left off, spend a day or afternoon together catching up and no one's feelings are hurt for the lack of communication during the previous year. They know the gist of my life since I was 14--when we met. Oh my word, I just realized that was 20 years ago. Seriously, what happened to the days when a school year seemed to last forever? But, I digress. These two were both a solid rock of Christian foundation when I needed it most. I have no idea why the stuck with me. I wouldn't let my girls hang out with a teenager as I once was, but they did. I know they will both get a special jewel in their crowns one day for that. They truly helped me from going off the deep end. And, since the don't even know I have a blog..they may never know that.

In my current life as pastor's wife, mother and keeper of the house, God has put some amazing women in my life. And had we never moved to Corinth, I might not have ever known them. There are days when I look around and think, how in the world did we pick this little city?

My best friend Holly and I are an odd couple. She lives around the corner and is very organized and put together; runs on a schedule, her house is always clean (although, we'll have to see how that changes when Holden hits 2!) she works outside the home; we go to the same church, but not at the same time, she often listens to me for a whole conversation without getting a word in edgewise and doesn't mind when I have to go tend to the kiddos and she doesn't get to talk at all. I love Holly because --she accepts me wholeheartedly for who I am, warts and all. I could, and probably have, told her everything. She is a new friend who will be an old friend should we ever actually get old. Personally, I plan on redeeming my plastic surgery coupon before that happens. In there with me Hols?

I am not going to go down the list of everyone, but I have relatively new friends who mean more to me now than they did one year ago; I have friends who I am becoming closer to because God is beginning to lead us down similar paths. It is all very exciting--this friendship thing. I'm looking forward to see how God is going to refine me through these friendships; and I treasure every one.

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Traveling Sickness

Well, this all started Friday night when Reia came to my room announcing there was "mud" in her bed. As I said, "What?" and rolled over to check it out, all I could smell was...chocolate? She had thrown up the chocolate chip cookies she and Kamryn had enjoyed earlier that evening. At first I figured she had eaten way more than I had given her permission to, and was now paying the price. However, when she started vomiting every 30-45 minutes until 6:00 a.m.--I knew we were about to all be in for it. And we were.

Not only did I only sleep 45 min that night, but I got about an hour the next night because I was in full throws with the stomach flu. One of the joys of parenthood. If the kids get it, a mother will also. Love and comfort comes at a cost I suppose. Anyway, it hit Terry yesterday about 6 p.m. I slept in Reia's room on her trundle last night to keep away from any more germs, and to get some sleep. Three nights in a row might throw me over the edge.

So, please throw up (no pun intended) a little prayer that sweet little Reese doesn't get this. It would break my heart since there really is no way to relieve the traveling sickness; it just has to work its way out.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Commander in chief

ABC has a new show coming this fall called Commander in chief. It is about a female Vice President who becomes the President when the President has a stroke and is left incapacitated. I was really thinking about this yesterday and here's what I came up with.

I truly believe this is Hollywood's way to get America to mentally accept that a woman would be a good president before good ole' Hillary even runs. Kind of a subliminal message. Just so when she is running people will feel like they have already seen what a female president looks like. Make sense? Look how good the Democrats come across on The West Wing. I am a die hard conservative and I loved to watch the show every week. (Well, until Martin Sheen did that ridiculous tape over the mouth protest when the war started. At least he shut up for a while. I boycotted after that.) I really rooted for the fake President and loved the characters.

I guess the good news is, even though The West Wing is/was highly rated, the democrats still lost. Hopefully, the new show won't work either!

Bad Sign

Is it a bad sign that I have lost my new book, "Creating More Calm and Less Stress"? It's driving me nuts and I have looked everywhere. So far, it's not helping me to create more calm or less stress.

The Tiniest Diva--Reese

My Diva #2 Posted by Picasa

My Big Girl Diva--Reia

My Diva #1 Posted by Picasa

Don't you know these sun glasses are already broken.

My Birthday Cookies by the Sweet Diva herself! Posted by Picasa

Dear Anonymous,

I have decided to keep you off my blog. You say, "Nice little blog you have here," and that you plan to bookmark me, but I doubt you have even read my blog. Otherwise you would know I am not in need of female escort services--I have plenty of great female friends of the Biblical variety; my husband was a technology pastor so he takes care of my viruses; we take good care of our credit and check it for fraud frequently so I don't need it cleaned up.

So, please don't bookmark me or even read my blog. I have (thanks to many "real" commenters) figured out how to keep you from spamming my blog. Hope you never find a way around this; but since I still get span on my e-mail in spite of all efforts, I am sure you will at some point. By then I am hoping Blogger will have another way to keep you off.

For now I have a new sign on the door that reads, "Keep Out! Only real bloggers allowed!"

PS On a side note. I just spell checked this post and you would think that "Blog" would be a recognized word in a blogger spell checker!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday Weigh In #4

I feel pretty good this week. Notice I didn't say "skinnier", but good!

Lost: 1.5 lbs
Aerobic: 3 days of walk/run 3miles; I missed two days of walking only
Muscle: Still waiting for my Firm DVD's
Food: About average. I didn't eat fantastic each day, but pretty good every day except Labor Day (Thanks again to Richelle for my Birthday Cookies)

Okay, I bared my soul. How did you guys do?

The Switch

Ok, I think I am about to give up one of my favorite things in the whole world--Dr. Pepper! Well, not completely. I am going to switch to Diet Dr. Pepper. I still need that little caffine pick me up about mid-day. But when I get up and run 3 miles at 6:00 a.m., I so dislike the feeling of undoing what I have done in one drink. So, starting tomorrow I will be on Diet. We'll see how it goes.

Oh, and for those of you who think it tastes just the same. You're nuts; but, I love ya anyway!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Well, my birthday has come and gone another year. I usually try to celebrate in grand style, but this year we have had so much going on that the 4th came and went without much hullabaloo. We had plans to go over to Greg and Richelle Bacus' house for the holiday. Little did I know that she and my sweet hubby had cooked up a party surprise!

When I walked in I commented on how great and festive everything looked--right down to the cookies that read "Happy Birthday Robin" on them. After a second (or two) I realized it was for me! Yea! How Fun! We had a great afternoon with friends, bar-b-q, and Richelle's fantastic cookies.

Thanks Terry and Richelle!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fabulous 2nd Post

A friend of mine, Leslie Miller, just entered the blogging world. She has a great word for all of us tired mommies today. Check it out!