Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weigh In Wednesday

As was suggested by a fellow blogger, (thanks Pryn Lady!) I am going to start an online support group for those of us trying to become more fit. We are commanded to "...honor God with your body." 1 Corinthians 6:20. So, each Wednesday I will post with my stats. Here's the checklist

Weight, Dress Sizes or Inches Lost: You don't need to tell us how much you weigh, just how far you have progressed.

Aerobic Exercise: Current Goal is 3 miles of walking or running 4 times per week

Muscle Building: Goal is Upper Body work 2 times and Lower Body 2 times per week

Food: Please tell us what plan you are on (ie: Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Low Carb, etc.) and on a scale of 1 to 10 how well you did. (1 being perfectly on plan all week and 10 being you were on vacation and you played "Supersize Me" at McDonalds.)

So here's me:
Loss: Currently none, but my goal is 20 pounds.
Aerobic Goal: So far I did walk 3 miles today.
Muscle: Haven't done it yet
Food: No fast or fried foods. Smaller portions and healthier choices in general

Good luck gals and just comment here if you want to participate! Maybe we won't need my new diet pill in a couple of months. =)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Addie said...

OK, I'm going to try this. I need all the accountability I can get.

Weight Loss: currently none, goal 35 lbs.
Excercise: currently none, goal 30 minutes walking 5 days a week
Food: healthy choices / smaller portions and no regular coke or fries.

So then do we check in next week and see how we did?

Robin said...

Yup! I am going to post each Wednesday with a check in. I will say, Dr Pepper is the one thing I won't give up. I would rather walk an extra mile or two a day to be able to keep it. I do only drink one can a day though.

Good Luck! I guess I need to go and buy a scale. =)

holdenon said...

Loss to date: 1.6 pounds
Doing Weight Watchers program
Fitness Goal - work out 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes
Health Goal - make healthier food choices.

lrmiller said...

Hey Robin! I just found this! I am there with you. Since My husband and I have both made the committment to live healthier lives I have experienced a lot more success (He is actually trying to gain weight--poor thing). Anyway, here are my stats:

1. Lost 17 lb. Goal is 15 lbs. more.
2. Current goal is 4 hours of aerobic activity
3. Weight lifting 2 hours a week
4. I am using in2nutrition.com as a guide. My goal is to eat at least 4 meals a day, more protein and fruits and veggies (5-7 servings).

praynlady said...

loss: none yet, goal 40 pounds.
(all gained after surgeries)
took 10 months to inherit, less I hope to give it away!
Exercise: today got clearance from doc to start a stationary bike, we'll see
walking only 8 minutes at a time. glad my neighbors don't mind coming to pick me up! lol
Food: still pretty much anything I can find. MOstly though, vegetables and chicken. (ok, ok, I did cheat and eat 4 pecan sandies today! but hey, it was doc visit day! after the results, I needed the sugar!)

Ok, girls, did we decide which day to report? I forgot while writing my tirade! lol

Can we visit each others sites to leave little words of encouragement or prayer? thought that might be nice! let me know!

lrmiller said...

I didn't lose any weight, but I've learned not to get discouraged because it seems that I'll stay the same weight for two to three weeks then suddenly lose three lbs. (so anyone discouraged about results, don't be)

I think I only did three hours last week, but I did meet my weight lifting goals.

I also ate pretty well, until yesterday when I ate probably half a bag of tortilla chips (they are made of corn, so can I count them as a vegetable?) I've found some protein shake recipes and that is helping me with my protein intake. Glad to share if you are interested.