Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weigh In Wednesday #3

Sorry, I totally dropped the ball on this today. Here goes:

Lost: okay, I still don't have a scale, so let's say "nothing" and I promise to get one by next week. I don't feel like I have lost any inches since my clothes still fit the same.

Food: on a scale of 1 to 10, I was about a 5. I ran out of fun money and that curtails my eating out for sure.

Aerobic: I did walk or run at least 5 days. Good there.

Muscle: Still nothing. Waiting on my Firm Videos to get my rear in gear for toning.

I hope someone out there is doing/losing something!


Addie said...

I lost a pound this week which was exciting because I've been at that exact weight for about 2 years (except during my pregnancy). So to finally dip below it felt really good. 1 down, 34 to go!

I ate at about a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Our anniversary was this week and so that day I was really bad.

Excercise, nothing specific but walking today and earlier in the week, a little manual labor on our house that's for sale.

Robin - I'm really impressed with your walking/running discipline. I just don't like to excercise. I have Tae Bo packed in a box somewhere. Maybe when we move I'll try that again. I felt really tough when I would workout to that!

Leslie said...

I lost a pound this week.

I was about a 7 this week. We celebrated our anniversary as well. We at Main street bakery in Grapevine. Awesome food and desserts. . .*sigh*, well, I digress. Happy anniversary addie!

I did 5 days of cardio and two of weight lifting.

BTW, started my own blog. Robin, you convinced me when you compared blogging to scrap booking. I can do this, the scrap booking thing just seems to tedious for my taste.

Robin said...

Leslie what is your blog address.I'm dying to check it out!

praynlady said...

ok, my turn!
I lost no pounds. In fact, I think I gained 3. It is that time! But on the good side of things, I ate right and have cut down my Dr Pepper intake from 6+ cans per day to 3, it's a start. I also did some excercise around the house and did alot of walking at the football game this past Sat. I would say on the eating scale I was about a 4. I did fry chicken one night, but I did use olive oil. Does that make it any better? Congrats to Addie and to Leslie. Ours was about 2 weeks ago. Are we starting to see a connection here? Oh well, you gals have a great week. Come by the blog and visit when you can, would love the company! God Bless.

Robin said...

Yea Addie and Leslie! I bet we'll all be svelt sexy mommas by the time the holidays roll around. Of course, then I'll eat my weight in baked goods and chex mix. Oh well--we can start again January. =)

Robin said...


I kept trying to comment on your blog, but it kept saying I was anonymous--but I was clearly posting as Robin. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring your blog!

praynlady said...

No problem. I may have changed my settings when I changed my template. I will go and take a look. Come back by and try again. Love chatting with you. Keep up the good work! (walking and swimming etc.)

Leslie said...

BTW, what has worked for all of you? The thing that has worked for me is not quitting, but replacing. I have slowly replaced a lot of my unhealthy foods with healthier choices. For example, I slowly replaced regular soft drinks with diet. Now I don't miss the regular. Also, adding protein to my diet. I usually drink one protein shake a day. This replaces an unhealthy snack at mid morning.