Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pump It Up

I took Reia to a birthday party at Pump It Up in Grapevine. When you get there the first thing you think is, "Why didn't I think of this?" They have two arenas and two party rooms. Each "arena" has about 4 or 5 bounce house slides, obstacle courses, jousting area and basketball courts. After your party has been in one arena for about 30 minutes they move you to the next room. After 30 minutes in the second arena they send you to one of two party rooms where you enjoy cake, goodies and opening presents.

The great thing about this place is I think the adults had as much fun as the kids. I even took Reese down several slides and through one obstacle course. Not only did I get my workout for the day, she had a blast. Reia could have stayed all day, I'm pretty sure.

I am not one who wants to spend lots of money on a birthday party, (at least not anymore)as I have posted about in the past. But, if I were going to, this place is great. The give you the invites which contain boxes to check "pizza will be served" or "cake will be served", so everyone knows what to expect. Plus--and this is a big one--THEY clean up afterwards!

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