Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Roles for Everyone

Well, since most, if not all, of you who read my blog connected to it via Terry's blog, you undoubetedly know about our news. Terry was made the new Campus Pastor at Fellowship Uptown. We are very excited about the new direction God is taking our family. In an odd way, God has answered so many of my personal prayers with this move.

That means a new role entirely for Terry and for me. He has so much going on with all that Uptown involves, so I have decided to take on more of the running of the house and things Terry would normally take care of.

For example, I took the girls today and we researched new carpet for the house. I probably know more than I ever needed to about carpet now, but I can make an informed decision. I also need to find a realtor when the time comes. Let me tell ya, there is no shortage of those! Evertime I mentioned new carpet to sell the house I had a new card presented. Does everyone have their realtor's liscense?

So, hopefully, I can just present information to Terry and we can make an informed decision without him having to do lots of leg work. It's kind of fun and empowering being more of a decision maker.

On a side note: for all of those who read my blog because of Terry, please don't feel obligated to do so now that he is not a/the boss!!! Tee Hee! =)


Addie said...

Congratulations on this new opportunity for your family! It's exciting when God starts moving in our lives! And it's kinda fun to go carpet shopping, even if it will really be for someone else to enjoy. =)

praynlady said...

I need a realtor, recommend one? haha Congratulation on the path God has chosen for you and Terry. I know that God will bless you both for your decisions as a team to continue to put your hearts into your work for His kingdom. I am excited for you both and will continue to pray for your family as you make all the new and necessary changes this move will make in your lives.
God Bless,