Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hanna Anderson

My favorite place to look at, notice I didn't say buy, clothes for the girls is Hanna Anderson. Everything in the catalog is so bright and fun. Not only that, but I am all about comfort. The clothes look like you could sleep in them and feel perfectly fine. Soft cottons, play dresses, matching leggins, fun canvas shoes, and slip on mules--it's all great.

The problem is the price tag. She's not completely outrageous or anything and Hanna says the clothes will last a very long time. That's great if my three year old would be a size 3T for several years. However, she does indeed grow fast and furious at times. (Except her tiny feet which is another post.) So, I am resigned to just catalog drooling. But some day, if I win the lottery...=)

P.S. That lottery thing will never happen as we don't play. It's still fun to day dream.


Janay said...

I thought I was the only one who dreamed of winning the lottery without actually ever buying a lottery ticket! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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rainydayinmay said...

i thought so too... i loved it for my little girl but couldn't afford it..... if only i were an incredible seamstress... (which i am not...)
anyway, hope you don't mind me commenting, i was just strolling through.

stephanie said...

2I was just wondering why a stay at home mom with 2 young angels would need to be blogging as you do. From your profile it seems that your daughter's request for you to get off of the telephone indicate the need for their mommy's attention. It would seem doubtful that they need their mother's mixer to have a name. I am a mother of two and I love my girls and I would not expose them on the internet in this day and age with all of the personal info you display. I wonder what happened to you in your childhood that you need to advertise the greatness in your life to complete strangers instead of living in the moment with your daughters. It appears that you have a borderline personality disorder and one of them being histrionic. I noted that your husband did not say that he was spending the next year with the greatest "mother" in the world. Seriously, this is not a personal attack, I feel for your children. It is just so unfathomable that you can blog blog blog about nothing to gain personal affirmation and attention- go out and help a terminally ill patient or do something noble- something that a truly spiritual person would do.