Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Goal

I am pretty bad when it comes to comparing my family with others at our same stage. Are their kids better or worse than mine; how clean is her house; does the mommy work out and cook home cooked meals--those kinds of comparisons.

While I we were on the staff reteat, I picked up a book called A Positive Plan for Creating More Calm, Less Stress by Karol Ladd. She says something in the first part of the book that has really hit home with me.

"...our goal as mothers is not to create a utopia with seamless interactions and continual bliss in the home. Out goal is to delight in the family God has given us and work through family challenges in positive ways."

I am not a perfectionist or type A personality by any means, but I do struggle with the way I feel like the kids should act or the house should look on a perpetual basis. It's not only unrealistic, but not good for my kids. If I am always cleaning and reprimanding, then I am never playing and interacting. (Cleaning and disciplining is very important, but I want the girls to see a fun side to mommy as well!)

I'll let you know if I do indeed have more calm and less stress by the end of the book. =)


Addie said...

Great post! Thanks so much for the encouragement. This is something that God has been trying to work in me also! II Cor. 10:12 talks about the foolishness of comparing ourselves with others. So why do I do it daily (almost minute by minute) I must be a glutton for punishment. Thanks for sharing your heart, I will look for this book.

praynlady said...

I am the opposite I guess. I do like my house to be clean and presentable, but I'd rather spend time with Kaylee than anything else. I cook when I can, I clean when I can and I play with her any time I want to! This irritates some of my family members but I have learned that valuable lesson, "love like you have no tomorrow" and I do! I am not sooo worried about what my family thinks, but what my Father sees! God bless you! Colleen