Monday, August 15, 2005

Am I Mean?

As I was shopping in Hobby Lobby the other day, a man approached the girls and me and handed me a card. The card read, "Pardon me for bothering you, but I am deaf. I am selling this card to provide for my family. Would you please buy one? Pay any amount you wish."

I went ahead and gave him a dollar and explained to Reia what was going on. But, as I walked around the store I became more and more uneasy. Although he seemed harmless and I do want to help those who are in need, I decided it just wasn't appropriate for him to be lurking around the back of the store--clearly avoiding any store personnel--and essentially begging. So, when I checked out I told the clerk.

I felt bad for him, but what if he wasn't what he seemed to be? So, am I mean?


Shelley said...

Nope. Not mean. You did the right thing. Deaf or not, he was being inappropriate and store personnel needed to know.

Holly said...

No way! I think that people should not be allowed the "solicite" in other people's businesses. Not to mention safety issues...had he actually been a danger to you or your kiddos or someone else in the store, then Hobby Lobby would ultimately be held responsible for that because they allowed him in there.

Heather said...

What gets me angry is when they are selling braclets and things of that nature and they give them to the kids and walk away. The kids don't know that they are supposed to pay for them. And then they come back expecting you to pay for it. So it's pay for it or listen to your screaming kid.