Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Right Now

It is 10:30 p.m. (Way past my bedtime for those of you who know me well.)
I have been up since 5:45 a.m.
I walked/ran 3 miles.
I went swimming with the girls for several hours.
They both took a nap on the way home--and then woke up once we got home.
Reese is totally wide awake crying in her room. (I've tried to get her down several times, but I think it is a CIO night.)
I want to go to bed.

Calgon take me away and Dimetapp take Reese to dreamland!

Weigh In Wednesday #3

Sorry, I totally dropped the ball on this today. Here goes:

Lost: okay, I still don't have a scale, so let's say "nothing" and I promise to get one by next week. I don't feel like I have lost any inches since my clothes still fit the same.

Food: on a scale of 1 to 10, I was about a 5. I ran out of fun money and that curtails my eating out for sure.

Aerobic: I did walk or run at least 5 days. Good there.

Muscle: Still nothing. Waiting on my Firm Videos to get my rear in gear for toning.

I hope someone out there is doing/losing something!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh Katrina...

First of all, I am ashamed of my previous post regarding the price of gas--although it does totally stink. After watching the news coverage today of all of the devastation in New Orleans and other places, I realize gas is a small price to pay to have my home in tact, my own bed to sleep in tonight and to know where all of my family is.

I watched as a man recounted the story of his wift letting go of his hand and telling him, "You can't hold me and the kids. Take care of the kids and the grandkids." Then she was gone. He was wandering the streets looking for her, crying. He told the reporter he had nowhere to go when she asked him where he would be if someone watching knew where his wife was. "I have nowhere to go; it was all I had." He was crying, the kids were crying, the reporter was crying--and I was crying.

My heart crys out for the people who are still stuck in their attics. The water is still rising and they could have very little time to live. They can't get out; all they do is call for help. Others hear them and can do nothing until the coast guard or some sort of support arrives.

How often are we reminded of how short life really is and we have no idea when it will end for us. Love Christ! Be bold! Help your neighbor and pray--really, stop right now and pray for those who need help so desperately. You may be the only one to pray for them today or ever.

The Cost of Cool

When I woke up this morning two things had happened. It had cooled down considerably and the price of gas had gone up $ .38 a gallon. So, since I love the wonderfully cooler temperature, and they were both caused by hurricane Katrina, I have to ask myself, is the cool air worth $3 a gallon?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mommy Blogging

This is an intersting article if found linked on another mommmy's blog. It makes me wonder if blogging is/will be to me what scrapbooking is to other moms--especially now that I can add vidoes to my blog. Maybe we'll soon be having Blogging Weekends where all the moms bring their laptops, talk, blog and eat?! Now that I think about it, I think I am going to organize one for next spring. Anyone game?

Reia and Kamryn In the Rain

Reia and her friend Kamryn playing in the rain. Sorry for all the videos, but this is kinda fun!

Balloon Festival Over Lake Lewisville

Balloon Festival Over Lake Lewisville Posted by Picasa

I love it when learning lessons appear out of nowhere. Last Sunday on our way to church, we stopped on the side of the road to talk about the hot air balloons and how they worked, etc. Sorry the pic is smudgy; it was the best I could get.

Reese at Fellowship Uptown Video

Reese at the nursery of Fellowship Uptown. She was beating up on Gavin previously, but I failed to get that on film. Sorry Gavin!

Reia at Ballet

Trying out this new video feature. Here is video of Reia at ballet. She is the second one from the left. Her friend Veronica is on the far right. I hope you enjoy.

Reese and Reia chillin' out together Posted by Picasa

We have entered a new realm of ease in mommyhood. Reese is now able to hold her own bottle! Yahoo! Now I have an extra hour in my day when she can feed herself and I get to fold clothes, wash dished, general cleanup, or BLOG!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Today I really want to put the girls in bed, curl up on the sofa and watch about four hours of whatever on tv. I am really just pooped. But, since we put the house on the market we moved the big tv from the family room to storage and all we have to watch is the smaller one in the play room. This move has really forced me to watch way less than I used to watch.

So far, I have really liked this no tv thing. Or at least, less of the tv thing. I have been reading more, chatting with Terry more and taking more time hanging with the girls and not rushing them off to bed so I can catch the tube. But today, I really just wanted tv and new episode of something (Preferably CSI--any of them.)

So, someone please buy our house so we can move and get the big ol' honkin', relaxin in front of, tv out of storage. Some days, you really need it.

Just a Thought...

Are people who eat healthy, thin simply because their food doesn't really taste good enough to eat more than one helping?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday Weigh In

Well, it has been a week and I haven't posted much, although I have several things I need to. Here are the stats for me:

Lost: Ok, I didn't weigh myself, but last time I did I was 142--yes, pounds. At times it feels like tons. Today, at a friend's house I was 138. I don't think that all happened in a week, but I'm going with it. Now I will have a better idea for next week. BTW: you don't need to list your weight; I just did so you know I don't really know. Make sense?

Aerobic: I did my 3 miles at least four times. One was inside to Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds. Very good if you need a at home that is not challenging where cordination goes.

Muscle: I didn't do anything on this. Maybe I'll get it together this week.

Food: I had one really good day, several really bad and one or two inbetween. So, on a scale of 1-10 I was about a 7.

So, how are you ladies doing? We're dying to know! Also, please share any videos etc that are working for you.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hanna Anderson

My favorite place to look at, notice I didn't say buy, clothes for the girls is Hanna Anderson. Everything in the catalog is so bright and fun. Not only that, but I am all about comfort. The clothes look like you could sleep in them and feel perfectly fine. Soft cottons, play dresses, matching leggins, fun canvas shoes, and slip on mules--it's all great.

The problem is the price tag. She's not completely outrageous or anything and Hanna says the clothes will last a very long time. That's great if my three year old would be a size 3T for several years. However, she does indeed grow fast and furious at times. (Except her tiny feet which is another post.) So, I am resigned to just catalog drooling. But some day, if I win the lottery...=)

P.S. That lottery thing will never happen as we don't play. It's still fun to day dream.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weigh In Wednesday

As was suggested by a fellow blogger, (thanks Pryn Lady!) I am going to start an online support group for those of us trying to become more fit. We are commanded to "...honor God with your body." 1 Corinthians 6:20. So, each Wednesday I will post with my stats. Here's the checklist

Weight, Dress Sizes or Inches Lost: You don't need to tell us how much you weigh, just how far you have progressed.

Aerobic Exercise: Current Goal is 3 miles of walking or running 4 times per week

Muscle Building: Goal is Upper Body work 2 times and Lower Body 2 times per week

Food: Please tell us what plan you are on (ie: Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Low Carb, etc.) and on a scale of 1 to 10 how well you did. (1 being perfectly on plan all week and 10 being you were on vacation and you played "Supersize Me" at McDonalds.)

So here's me:
Loss: Currently none, but my goal is 20 pounds.
Aerobic Goal: So far I did walk 3 miles today.
Muscle: Haven't done it yet
Food: No fast or fried foods. Smaller portions and healthier choices in general

Good luck gals and just comment here if you want to participate! Maybe we won't need my new diet pill in a couple of months. =)

I'm Going Nowhere

After listening to the news and realizing that gas is just going to keep going up until the end of September, when we might see a "slight decline" in prices, I have decided there is no place like home! I don't want to sound like one of those, "I used to walk to school, uphill, both ways, in the snow, with no shoes." kind of people, but I do remember when gas was a buck. That's it--one dollar a gallon.

It all makes me mad at the government. Although, I don't know what they can do about it really. I just figure there really isn't anyone else I can be mad at about this issue. So, surely the government can do something, right?

The price of everything seems to be going up because of this issue. Dallas even wants to raise the charge for picking up garbage to compensate for the higher gas prices. Really, I do understand this, but are they going to lower the taxes back down if or when the price of gas goes down? Doubt it.

Okay, there's my tirade. Gas is one of the things I truly hate to pay for. If it ever gets back down to a buck, you will see me dance all the way up and down the street.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Am I Mean?

As I was shopping in Hobby Lobby the other day, a man approached the girls and me and handed me a card. The card read, "Pardon me for bothering you, but I am deaf. I am selling this card to provide for my family. Would you please buy one? Pay any amount you wish."

I went ahead and gave him a dollar and explained to Reia what was going on. But, as I walked around the store I became more and more uneasy. Although he seemed harmless and I do want to help those who are in need, I decided it just wasn't appropriate for him to be lurking around the back of the store--clearly avoiding any store personnel--and essentially begging. So, when I checked out I told the clerk.

I felt bad for him, but what if he wasn't what he seemed to be? So, am I mean?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pump It Up

I took Reia to a birthday party at Pump It Up in Grapevine. When you get there the first thing you think is, "Why didn't I think of this?" They have two arenas and two party rooms. Each "arena" has about 4 or 5 bounce house slides, obstacle courses, jousting area and basketball courts. After your party has been in one arena for about 30 minutes they move you to the next room. After 30 minutes in the second arena they send you to one of two party rooms where you enjoy cake, goodies and opening presents.

The great thing about this place is I think the adults had as much fun as the kids. I even took Reese down several slides and through one obstacle course. Not only did I get my workout for the day, she had a blast. Reia could have stayed all day, I'm pretty sure.

I am not one who wants to spend lots of money on a birthday party, (at least not anymore)as I have posted about in the past. But, if I were going to, this place is great. The give you the invites which contain boxes to check "pizza will be served" or "cake will be served", so everyone knows what to expect. Plus--and this is a big one--THEY clean up afterwards!

My New Diet Pill

As I was getting dressed for church this morning, I realized I needed a belt for my new jeans. I know this is a good problem to have as it means I am making slow but sure progress on this whole losing weight thing. However, I couldn't even get my old belt cinched to the first hole!

So, I am going to invent a new diet pill called "I Swear, ALL of My Clothes Used to Fit" --guaranteed to magically make your whole wardrobe fit like it used to overnight. Think it would sell?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today's Baby Acheivement

Ok, I can't remember when you really count them standing on their own, but Reese stood on her own for about ten seconds today before she fell on her bum. I decided to see if it was a fluke and helped her to her feet again. This time she was only up about five seconds. But, how cool! I think she will be walking by 10 1/2 months, although you never really know. All of the Storch children are over acheivers of course!

**Please don't burst my bubble by telling me your child stood at six months and walked at seven. Ignorance is sometimes bliss. =)

New Roles for Everyone

Well, since most, if not all, of you who read my blog connected to it via Terry's blog, you undoubetedly know about our news. Terry was made the new Campus Pastor at Fellowship Uptown. We are very excited about the new direction God is taking our family. In an odd way, God has answered so many of my personal prayers with this move.

That means a new role entirely for Terry and for me. He has so much going on with all that Uptown involves, so I have decided to take on more of the running of the house and things Terry would normally take care of.

For example, I took the girls today and we researched new carpet for the house. I probably know more than I ever needed to about carpet now, but I can make an informed decision. I also need to find a realtor when the time comes. Let me tell ya, there is no shortage of those! Evertime I mentioned new carpet to sell the house I had a new card presented. Does everyone have their realtor's liscense?

So, hopefully, I can just present information to Terry and we can make an informed decision without him having to do lots of leg work. It's kind of fun and empowering being more of a decision maker.

On a side note: for all of those who read my blog because of Terry, please don't feel obligated to do so now that he is not a/the boss!!! Tee Hee! =)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Goal

I am pretty bad when it comes to comparing my family with others at our same stage. Are their kids better or worse than mine; how clean is her house; does the mommy work out and cook home cooked meals--those kinds of comparisons.

While I we were on the staff reteat, I picked up a book called A Positive Plan for Creating More Calm, Less Stress by Karol Ladd. She says something in the first part of the book that has really hit home with me.

"...our goal as mothers is not to create a utopia with seamless interactions and continual bliss in the home. Out goal is to delight in the family God has given us and work through family challenges in positive ways."

I am not a perfectionist or type A personality by any means, but I do struggle with the way I feel like the kids should act or the house should look on a perpetual basis. It's not only unrealistic, but not good for my kids. If I am always cleaning and reprimanding, then I am never playing and interacting. (Cleaning and disciplining is very important, but I want the girls to see a fun side to mommy as well!)

I'll let you know if I do indeed have more calm and less stress by the end of the book. =)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hide and Seek

Today when Terry got home, Reia asked him to play a game of hide and seek. He had a terrible headache, but he played anyway. (He's fabulous that way!) Anyway, at one point Terry had hidden in the guest bathroom bathtub. It took Reia forever to find him even though he called her name over and over. When she found him the giggles ensued and then she started to climb into the bathtub proclaiming, "Daddy, you go count so I can hide in the bathtub!"

As if that didn't tickle my funny bone enough, while he was "looking" for her, he kept calling her. "Reia, where are you?" to which you heard the response, "Daddy, I'm in the bathtub!"

He kept walking down the hall and called her again. At this point she frustratedly called out, "Daddy, I told you I was in the bathtub." And, I have been laughing ever since.