Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Day After the Do

I have many goals in life. To have a happy and God influenced marraige, to raise kids that know Him and are on fire for His will for their lives, to actually be able to run a 5k, and to be able to do my hair the way my hair dresser does! Wouldn't it be so nice to leave with that feeling of a great new do--and to know you will be able to replicate it?

I try to keep that just done feeling for as long as possible. I go in around noon. This way, I have it newly done for the better part of the day and I don't wake up the next morning with it feeling so gross I have to wash it. Essentially, I get two days of it looking the best it can.

Then the third day comes around and I know I have to wash it. I really can't stand the feeling of dirty gross hair on my neck. (Even though, it is supposed to style best when it is dirty.) So, I take one last look in the mirror before I step in the shower, try and remember everything she did, and then get in and get it wet. So sad. I guess the good news is in six to eight weeks, I'll get that feeling of fresh hair back again.

Now, before you say, "Just have her show you how to do it." I have. She has. I just have no skills when it comes to a round brush and blow dryer. Especially when used at the same time. I really believe when hairdressers graduate school, they are armed with somesort of magic hair dressing dust in their fingertips that the rest of us will never have. Kind of like Spiderman when he releases the web from his wrists to get the bad guy and save the girl. They are just saving thousands of poor souls from bad hair.

I love my hairdresser and would recommend her to anyone. She is a great colorist and can help you pick out a style that fits your face and hair type. She is honest , but won't hurt your feelings and last, but not least, she is reasonable. So, if you need someone new in the Dallas area (she is at the corner of 35 and Frankford) let me know and I will pass her number to you. Just remember when you make the appointment, she is typically ten minutes late. No biggie if you know up front!

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