Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blow Out the Crying Already

I want to write about a particular subject, but I am not sure if I want remind people that I watch "Blow Out" on Bravo with my husband. Although, it's not the worst show on t.v as far as morals are concerned, it's not great either. The language is pretty fowl, but much like a train wreck--we just have to watch! (After the kids are in bed of course.)

With that being said, I want to bring up Jonathan Antin. He is the "star" of the show. It is about him and his two Beverly Hills salons and the stylists therein. This season has also included bits with his new product line. The thing is, this guy is pretty gorgeous--and strait. Very unusual for a stylist these days. When you watch him, he is just so macho and then he doesn't mind his sensitive side coming across on camera.

The problem for me lately is the sensitive side. He seems to cry on EVERY episode about something that just gets to him. The first time I saw him cry, I thought, "If any woman didn't think he was a hottie before, they do now!" I mean gorgeous, successful and sensitve? (OK, I know he isn't a Christian, but from a secular viewpoint.) Then he cried on the next episode, then the one after that, and five episodes into the season--he has shed those big ol' tears on every one. I am starting to count the number of times he cries per hour now. He is passionate about what he does for sure.

All of this crying though is starting to make me feel, well, like rolling my eyes. He is not a girl for pete's sake. Get over it and move on. I am not at all against a man showing the sensitive side of themselves. Even Terry has been moved to tears at least twice since we've been married (7 years now). Okay maybe once. ;) But, be a man! You can be excited and touched without crying about it.

So, please Jonathan--stop with the waterworks. I think I am starting to lose respect for you. Not that I had too much anyway.


BV said...

What a chump...
My wife and I have been watching 'Blow Out' for like a month now. Granted, he is very passionate but come on dude, knock it off.

What do I know...I've never created my own product to cry about!

Robin said...

The only thing I have ever cried about creating are the girls. And that was after they were born. Then I cried for the next six months while I was getting no sleep. If he ever has kids, he'll be able to provide Hawaiian Falls with all the water they will need for an entire summer.

praynlady said...

Maybe we should suggest that he hire another company (not scotts) and bottle the tears, he could sell them as leave in conditioner or some other weird item. I mean, if the guy can get $3000. for a style and wash, he could surely make something off the waterworks!? Am I right?

Heather said...

You made me laugh SO hard! I have to admit I do catch Blow Out from time to time (can you hear my husband groan in the background?). I am NOT convinced that he is straight. Have you seen him with his girlfriend? That doesn't look natural to me.

And check out the hair products on QVC. He's charging $39.50 (with an introductory price of $35.92 and $4.47 S&H) for a set of shampoo and conditioner! Yes I had to put in the exact price because it makes me want to faint. I've thought about this... even if I were the richest person in the ENTIRE world I would still not pay $40 for a shampoo and conditioner. Anybody else with me?

Shelley said...

I wouldn't pay $40 for shampoo and conditioner either! I finally watched the show after reading this post. I can see where watching it might become addicting . . . . :-)