Saturday, June 18, 2005

Vacationing with your Spouse

Terry and I had the wonderful last minute opportunity to go to Beaver Creek, Co earlier this month--alone! Originally, we had not planned a kid-free vacation as we were trying to save our airline miles to go to Hawaii next spring, but when the opportunity presented itself to have a week in a condo where it wasn't a thousand degrees, we couldn't pass it up.

Now, we could have taken the kids. There was plenty of room (the condo slept 10). But, we haven't had any real time alone since Reese was born last November. Before I start, I know not everyone has family around to take kids at the last minute. I know not everyone has the means to get away for a week. However, it you can arrange it---DO IT!

We arrived in Denver and rented a car for the two hour drive to Beaver Creek. On the way we drove through mountains and watched snow fall in June! Absolutely breathtaking. The condo was great. And yes, I did feel a little guilty knowing eight more people could have come and enjoyed wtih us until the first night when I got to eat at a nice restaurant, stay up late, watch a movie with Terry, and sleep to my heart's content the next morning. The best part--talking to Terry. I mean really connecting in a way that isn't always possible at home. We talked about everything. I loved it! Especially since anyone who knows Terry, knows he spends his 14,000 words a day at church.

So what is my point? You need time away with your spouse. Even if it is only for one night. Even if it is hard to leave the kids behind. I have a friend who has said she would be sad if her kids were missing something great--like snowing on a mountain in June. But the fact of the matter is that your relationship with your spouse is more important than that. It is the second most important--next to your relationship with Christ. (On a side note: if you don't have a true relationship with Him, you will never know the fullness you can have with your spouse. ) So, let me say it again. Yes, your children are important and need you, but your relationship with your man is MORE IMPORTANT.

The summer has just begun. Find the time, ask friends or relatives to watch the kids, go somewhere close that doesn't require a flight if you can't find that in the budget, stay somewhere inexpensive. It doesn't have to be costly--just fun and memorable. Your relationship will be better for it now and in the future.


Holly said...

Robin - Ed and I just took a combined family trip/vacation to CO as well. It was awesome...we got to see my family AND we got some very important time ALONE. We don't have kids, but I'm sure that this will be a practice even then since we are making time for ALONE time now. Good insights!

Rebekah said...

Good for you! I can't agree more. My husband and I try to "get away" at least a couple of times a year. If we can't afford an official get away we send them away for the night and stay at our home kid free! Anytime focused time on each other is very refreshing for our relationship.