Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Soccer Mom Comes Out

My First Day at Ballet Posted by Hello

Last week was Reia's first day at ballet, and the first day I really felt like an up and coming soccer mom. There I was at the Ballet Conservatory in Lewisville with about 13 other parents watching our wee ones through the window learning first position. It was precious and I was mad at myself for not having my camera charged enough to take any video.

Anyhoo, I looked around and watched all the other mommies with their kiddos. We chatted and discussed who was taking what and who had older siblings and younger. When we left, we stopped and got ice cream from McD's and chatted about what she had learned. Suddenly, I felt like, well, such a MOM! Really, aren't I still 22 and too young to have children? (No offense to those that age that do. But, I was really too immature at that age to deal with children of my own.) I had one mom say to me, "Just wait until your baby is starting Pre-Ballet and your oldest is a veteran taking week long summer classes!" Oi--when does that happen? Next week? They grow up so fast.

None the less, I loved it. Nothing gives me greater joy that being a wife and mother and watching God grow my marraige and children and allowing me to be a great part of what He is doing in their little lives. Again, I say Thanks and Yea God!


Heather said...

That picture is TOO cute!

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