Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh My Word--Reia Just Cut Her Own Hair!

I just had to call my husband and tell him Reia took a pair of scissors and chopped her hair. I could hear it in his voice--"So, where were you exactly when this happened?" I'll tell you--on the phone! Reese was napping and I have to really get all kinds of multi-tasking done while she sleeps. So, I was talking and cleaning up the mess made from manners camp. Quite frankly, Reia plays well by herself and often. Therefore, I don't have an eyeball glued to her every minute.

So, I was on the phone when my sweet little Reia walks up with a pair of scissors and a wad of hair in her hand. You could tell by the look on her face that she knew this was trouble. I gasped and quickly got off of the phone. While my hand was over my mouth (I was trying not to laugh) she burst into tears. I was trying to reassure her that all was ok and hair did indeed grow back when I looked down the hall and saw the RIVER of hair that was flowing from the crime scene. At that point I started to really look at the damage. Lots of little short peices all over her head. The urge to laugh suddenly left.

What you need to know at this point is Reia has the most beautiful blonde locks that have grown out in the most perfect, not needing a cut kind of way. Not only that, but Terry has strictly forbidden me to have it cut. (We have "screaming while brushing it" issues that have caused me to threaten to get it cut.) If I can find a picture that does it justice I wil post it.

I guess I should have known this would happen. It has to every parent of a toddler I know. If you think this won't happen to you--e-mail me when it does! And keep in mind I have told her before never to cut her hair with her scissors. I guess the haircut she is about to have will be punishment enough.


Lori Bailey said...


When my friend's little girl gave their cat a haircut, her punishment was that she couldn't use scissors again until the hair grew back. It sure made her think about it!

Robin said...


I did tell her she couldn't use scissors for a while. Her new hairdo actually turned out cute. The hairdresser layered it so you can't see the little cuts all over. I am glad she didn't cut a huge chunk off to the scalp!

praynlady said...

Kaylee is adopted and she is part Hispanic. She has beautiful dark almost ringlet hair. I will start praying NOW that she won't cut it but I know as do all moms that it will eventually happen. Someone told me if you constantly put it in a ponytail, they can't get to it to cut it except the bangs. I, personally know better, because when I was about 5, I cut a girls whole ponytail off and her hair was about 20 inches long. Her mom never spoke to mine again! Oh well?!