Monday, June 27, 2005

The Holiday Season Begins?

I went into Hobby Lobby the other day where I saw they already had out several isles of Christmas ornaments and garland. Also in abundance was the fall decor. Now, I know it is 1000 degrees out side (1200 with the heat index), but I can't help but have a little excitement thinking about the holidays already.

I realize most people can't stand it when stores begin putting out the holiday stuff so early, but I love it. I think there is a huge Garden Ridge in San Antonio that has it up all year long. I would move there if I could talk Terry into it! Anyway, around the beginning of July, I will make it very cold in the car or house and put on a little "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". I'm not ready for Christmas, as a matter of fact I am really enjoying this summer with the girls. Swimming, playing on the swingset, going to the park- it is all great fun. But, just knowing such a fun time with family is coming up and the things I get to share with my kids this year make my heart beat a little faster.

I won't be purchasing any real Christmas stuff until after Halloween (it's a policy of mine), but I will be planning! This year in particular I am thinking about how to help Reia experience Christmas with a combination of how I did when I was a kid, and also get her to experience the real reason for Christmas. I read Lisa Whelchel's book "The Adventure of Christmas" last year, but it was too late for me to incorporate many of her ideas. (If you have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to get your kids into the true spirit, it is a great read with worthwhile ideas.) I think we may even make our own ornaments, paper chain garland and popcorn garland this year.

So, don't comment and tell me I am nuts--I know this already. Quite frankly, I think I get it from my dad who does the same Christmas music in July thing. I am ok with that. And just so you know, the minute Christmas is over, I am ready for spring! Gotta love the seasons. =)


Terry Storch said...

Serenity Now!

I love you...

praynlady said...

I used to love the holidays but after losing a child, I am still reverant of why we celebrate them and the values and all but I look forward to them being over as quickly as possible. I know that this will eventually pass and hope it does soon. I used to really get into the decorating and all but even now with a 2 year old daughter, I struggle to get the tree up and decorated. I think my husband is still struggling too because each year it takes him longer and longer to get the lights on the tree artificial) that I finally do get set up. Last year it was 4 days before Christmas when I finally got him to do it and we finished the tree in about 1 hour and it used to take me 3-4. I miss that feeling but not as much as I miss my son. Enjoy the seasons with your children, because we never know what God has instore for them or ourselves.

Robin said...


My heart just breaks for you. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I will be praying that each year you find a new and special joy in the holidays with your two sweet girls. You have just made me really want to make the most out of every day with my kids. I am truly sorry for your loss.