Friday, June 24, 2005

17 Miles and 4 Milestones

What a week it has been. I finally got serious about getting back in shape. No, I never started running as a previous post would have led you to believe. Sorry about that! Anyway, I started walking 3 miles at night with a couple of friends. (Thanks Holly and Jennifer!) Holly and I are both determined to shed those post baby pounds. So, since last Sunday, I have covered 17 miles. It would have been 18, but one night we only went 2 miles as I was pushing Reia in the stroller.

Plus, my girls have had quite a week too. Reese learned to crawl several weeks ago, but on top of that she is now able to clap, push herself to a sitting position, and pull herself to her feet in her crib and on the coffee table. (Those are 3 of the 4) The last milestone would be Reia telling me for the first time, "But mom, it's just not fair!" after I wouldn't let her stay at a friend's house to play. Oh joy. Since when did the teenage years start at 3?

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you hit some mile(stones) of your own.

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