Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I hope I am never as popular as my husband on this blogging thing. People are just rude and vicious when they don't agree with you. I am not saying you can only comment on here if you agree (although, I doubt I will every post anything so controversial), but for pete's sake--be nice!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Soccer Mom Comes Out

My First Day at Ballet Posted by Hello

Last week was Reia's first day at ballet, and the first day I really felt like an up and coming soccer mom. There I was at the Ballet Conservatory in Lewisville with about 13 other parents watching our wee ones through the window learning first position. It was precious and I was mad at myself for not having my camera charged enough to take any video.

Anyhoo, I looked around and watched all the other mommies with their kiddos. We chatted and discussed who was taking what and who had older siblings and younger. When we left, we stopped and got ice cream from McD's and chatted about what she had learned. Suddenly, I felt like, well, such a MOM! Really, aren't I still 22 and too young to have children? (No offense to those that age that do. But, I was really too immature at that age to deal with children of my own.) I had one mom say to me, "Just wait until your baby is starting Pre-Ballet and your oldest is a veteran taking week long summer classes!" Oi--when does that happen? Next week? They grow up so fast.

None the less, I loved it. Nothing gives me greater joy that being a wife and mother and watching God grow my marraige and children and allowing me to be a great part of what He is doing in their little lives. Again, I say Thanks and Yea God!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Personality Test

I am starting to feel like my titles could be titles for sitcoms you see on t.v. , but I digress --already!

Terry had me take a personality test tonight. Actually he called it an Attitude Test. The basic just is that it is our attitude that drive who we are. And although we can't change the general makeup of what makes us tick, we can make adjustments along the way if we really understand the core of what drives our attitudes. I hate these tests.

First of all, I am terrible at deciding if a particular word fits my personality. I could be organized at times and if it is something I am passionate about, teaching for example. The other part of the time--well, not so much. I always have to ask, "Do you think I am..." to people who know me and don't have the skewed view I have of myself. Secondly, they make me feel bad. For some reason, I always feel like since I am not all of those other things, I must be failing somewhere.

I mean, I run a household with two small children and a slightly high maintenance husband.(Those of you who know him are probably snickering right now!) Shouldn't I be very organized, firm, able to make decisions without really second guessing myself to do that well? But, this test just told me I was completely opposite of that. Not only that, but I needed to make adjustments--their nice word for changes.

I was kind of hurt. So, naturally I went for a walk with my good friend Holly to spill my guts and verbalize what I was going through so I could share with Terry when I got home in a concise manner. (This is how he listens best, so I try to work with it!)

Here is what I got through Holly and prompting of the Holy Spirit, and the real reason for this post:

I shouldn't be asking "Why can't I be like personality X? It would help me see more of Terry's point of view on things, I would have a more efficiently running household, etc."

What I should be saying is, "God, You made me exactly like you need me to be to carry out Your will for my life. At the moment I don't really see how this all fits together. I think I should be more like X than Y to get this done. But, I trust you implicitly! Thank you for the masterful work You have created in me. Please show me how to take the traits you have placed in me and soar with them!"

So, I am thankful. I pray for God's forgiveness (which I know He freely gives) that I have not really appreciated the way He has created me.

Yea God!

The Holiday Season Begins?

I went into Hobby Lobby the other day where I saw they already had out several isles of Christmas ornaments and garland. Also in abundance was the fall decor. Now, I know it is 1000 degrees out side (1200 with the heat index), but I can't help but have a little excitement thinking about the holidays already.

I realize most people can't stand it when stores begin putting out the holiday stuff so early, but I love it. I think there is a huge Garden Ridge in San Antonio that has it up all year long. I would move there if I could talk Terry into it! Anyway, around the beginning of July, I will make it very cold in the car or house and put on a little "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". I'm not ready for Christmas, as a matter of fact I am really enjoying this summer with the girls. Swimming, playing on the swingset, going to the park- it is all great fun. But, just knowing such a fun time with family is coming up and the things I get to share with my kids this year make my heart beat a little faster.

I won't be purchasing any real Christmas stuff until after Halloween (it's a policy of mine), but I will be planning! This year in particular I am thinking about how to help Reia experience Christmas with a combination of how I did when I was a kid, and also get her to experience the real reason for Christmas. I read Lisa Whelchel's book "The Adventure of Christmas" last year, but it was too late for me to incorporate many of her ideas. (If you have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to get your kids into the true spirit, it is a great read with worthwhile ideas.) I think we may even make our own ornaments, paper chain garland and popcorn garland this year.

So, don't comment and tell me I am nuts--I know this already. Quite frankly, I think I get it from my dad who does the same Christmas music in July thing. I am ok with that. And just so you know, the minute Christmas is over, I am ready for spring! Gotta love the seasons. =)

Friday, June 24, 2005

17 Miles and 4 Milestones

What a week it has been. I finally got serious about getting back in shape. No, I never started running as a previous post would have led you to believe. Sorry about that! Anyway, I started walking 3 miles at night with a couple of friends. (Thanks Holly and Jennifer!) Holly and I are both determined to shed those post baby pounds. So, since last Sunday, I have covered 17 miles. It would have been 18, but one night we only went 2 miles as I was pushing Reia in the stroller.

Plus, my girls have had quite a week too. Reese learned to crawl several weeks ago, but on top of that she is now able to clap, push herself to a sitting position, and pull herself to her feet in her crib and on the coffee table. (Those are 3 of the 4) The last milestone would be Reia telling me for the first time, "But mom, it's just not fair!" after I wouldn't let her stay at a friend's house to play. Oh joy. Since when did the teenage years start at 3?

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you hit some mile(stones) of your own.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

What Happened to Birthday Parties?

What were your birthday parties like as a kid? Me? In the beginning, it was family, cake, a few presents. As I got older, it was a few friends, cake, a couple of gifts. Maybe pin the tail on the donkey or hide and seek. It was fun, but not extravagant.

Fast forward to my first daughter's first birthday. 25 invitations were sent out. We had tons of food, a $75 cake, tons of gifts. I spent a ridiculous amount of money for a party she won't ever remember. For her second birthday, we took her and 10 of her closest friends (okay, what two year old could name 10 friends?) and a few cousins to the Teddy Bear Factory. Again, ridiculous amounts of money. The pictures turned out nice though. For her third birthday I was pregnant with Reese. So, in an effort to help the budget, we had the party at the park. Smart. Had the party when no one would expect tons of food. Smart. Got a cake at Costco. Hit the jackpot on that one. It was only $15 and was one of the best cakes I have ever eaten!

I have talked to so many parents who have spent $200 or more on a birthday party. Actually $200 is pretty tame nowadays. You have bounce houses, petting zoos, Libby Loo, gift bags for the guests, cakes that resemble some wedding cakes, and it goes on and on. I realize the kids have a ball, but is it all necessary?

Last year Reia was invited to a birthday party at a friends house. Her mom made the cake; the favors were bubbles; she served cheese and crackers along with the normal party fare of a cake and punch; she made tea and lemonade. There were about 15 children and their moms in attendance. And you know what? The kids ran around and had a ball! They played with all of the new toys, got sugared up on cake, played pin the tail on Boots(of Boots and Dora fame), and went home after 90 min for a nap. It was great! I sat there and thought, "Now, this is the kind of party I remember!" The kids were having fun and the mom was not stressed at all.

Here are some of the tips I have heard that I think are worth mentioning:
1. Only allow your children to invite as many kids as they are old to their parties.
2. When they are young, only have a party with friends every other year.
3. Just have it at home--I bet you have lots of toys already there.
4. If you feel your children have enough toys, have children bring something to donate to a charity for other children.
5. Let your child help make the party decor.

If you have any other time/money/sanity saving ideas, please post them here! Poor Reese (my second child) probably won't have a party with friends until she is three thanks to mommy's new wisdom. Good news--she won't remember!!!! And no, I don't scrapbook enough to get caught.

Oh My Word--Reia Just Cut Her Own Hair!

I just had to call my husband and tell him Reia took a pair of scissors and chopped her hair. I could hear it in his voice--"So, where were you exactly when this happened?" I'll tell you--on the phone! Reese was napping and I have to really get all kinds of multi-tasking done while she sleeps. So, I was talking and cleaning up the mess made from manners camp. Quite frankly, Reia plays well by herself and often. Therefore, I don't have an eyeball glued to her every minute.

So, I was on the phone when my sweet little Reia walks up with a pair of scissors and a wad of hair in her hand. You could tell by the look on her face that she knew this was trouble. I gasped and quickly got off of the phone. While my hand was over my mouth (I was trying not to laugh) she burst into tears. I was trying to reassure her that all was ok and hair did indeed grow back when I looked down the hall and saw the RIVER of hair that was flowing from the crime scene. At that point I started to really look at the damage. Lots of little short peices all over her head. The urge to laugh suddenly left.

What you need to know at this point is Reia has the most beautiful blonde locks that have grown out in the most perfect, not needing a cut kind of way. Not only that, but Terry has strictly forbidden me to have it cut. (We have "screaming while brushing it" issues that have caused me to threaten to get it cut.) If I can find a picture that does it justice I wil post it.

I guess I should have known this would happen. It has to every parent of a toddler I know. If you think this won't happen to you--e-mail me when it does! And keep in mind I have told her before never to cut her hair with her scissors. I guess the haircut she is about to have will be punishment enough.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ahh! Sweet Cool Colorado...The river runs through everything. I loved it! Posted by Hello

Reia at the San Antonio Zoo! Posted by Hello

Vacationing with your Spouse

Terry and I had the wonderful last minute opportunity to go to Beaver Creek, Co earlier this month--alone! Originally, we had not planned a kid-free vacation as we were trying to save our airline miles to go to Hawaii next spring, but when the opportunity presented itself to have a week in a condo where it wasn't a thousand degrees, we couldn't pass it up.

Now, we could have taken the kids. There was plenty of room (the condo slept 10). But, we haven't had any real time alone since Reese was born last November. Before I start, I know not everyone has family around to take kids at the last minute. I know not everyone has the means to get away for a week. However, it you can arrange it---DO IT!

We arrived in Denver and rented a car for the two hour drive to Beaver Creek. On the way we drove through mountains and watched snow fall in June! Absolutely breathtaking. The condo was great. And yes, I did feel a little guilty knowing eight more people could have come and enjoyed wtih us until the first night when I got to eat at a nice restaurant, stay up late, watch a movie with Terry, and sleep to my heart's content the next morning. The best part--talking to Terry. I mean really connecting in a way that isn't always possible at home. We talked about everything. I loved it! Especially since anyone who knows Terry, knows he spends his 14,000 words a day at church.

So what is my point? You need time away with your spouse. Even if it is only for one night. Even if it is hard to leave the kids behind. I have a friend who has said she would be sad if her kids were missing something great--like snowing on a mountain in June. But the fact of the matter is that your relationship with your spouse is more important than that. It is the second most important--next to your relationship with Christ. (On a side note: if you don't have a true relationship with Him, you will never know the fullness you can have with your spouse. ) So, let me say it again. Yes, your children are important and need you, but your relationship with your man is MORE IMPORTANT.

The summer has just begun. Find the time, ask friends or relatives to watch the kids, go somewhere close that doesn't require a flight if you can't find that in the budget, stay somewhere inexpensive. It doesn't have to be costly--just fun and memorable. Your relationship will be better for it now and in the future.

Slowing Returning to Sanity

Well, it has been a crazy month--and it's only half over. Terry and I took a personal vacation to Beaver Creek, Co., took Reia to SeaWorld the next week and the day after returning from San Antonio, I co-taught a manners camp through the Colleyville Parks and Rec department. During that week my neice and nephew stayed with us while out of school. The day they left, another niece came to spend the night while her parents picked her sister up from camp. Whew! I realized that I could handle being a working mother of four if I had to, but I am so glad I am not and won't ever be.

So, all of that being said, I am glad to be back to blogging. Tomorrow's post: taking a vacation with your spouse! Recommeded, important and vital to your relationship.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Enjoying the Day at the Dallas Children's Museum! Posted by Hello

One Crazy Summer

Well, I have about ten different subjects I want to blog about, but it will all have to wait. We just got back from a vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado; we are taking Reia to SeaWorld this Thursday and I have to prepare for a Manners Camp my company is teaching the following week! After that, things should quiet down around here and I will get back to posting. Some of my topics will include birthday parties for kids, The Power of a Positive Mom, Manners Activities for small children, taking a vacation with just your spouse, and others.

Hope you are all having a great summer and are able to spend some great time with your kids while they are home. On a side note--Reese's first tooth broke through last night!!!