Friday, May 13, 2005

Pictures of Reia and Reese from Picasa to you! Posted by Hello


Rebekah said...

My husband reads Terry's blog daily and keeps me updated on his blog. But it wasn't until today when Terry had a link to your blog that I found your blog. Praise God!
I am a SAHM like you, and I love it as well. And like you, I'm always looking for ways to make some mad money. I have found a fun way to make a dollar here and there by doing mystery shopping. I mainly work with and once you sign up you check their site for mystery shops in your area. You get paid to visit a store and rate them. Each shop has different requirements but they are all pretty simple. Best of all, I can take my two dear darlings with me (DD-5 and DS-2). Check it out.
Oh, I also have a friend who gets paid to staff voting polls on election days. I don't know if that is available where you live but it is something to check out.
Good luck!
I look forward to visiting your blog that I know it is here.
God Bless.

Robin said...

Rebekah--love your name btw. Anyhoo--I looked on the website and will give it a shot, but would love some more detail. ie: what kind of stores do you normally go to, how long does it take, etc.

Thanks for sharing!