Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mission Impossible

When Reia was too little to make a big mess, keeping the house clean and picked up by the time Terry came home wasn't too tough. But now, I struggle each day to keep my house from looking like a sty. For example, I just picked up the whole house for company to come over. Already, she has played in the guest room and messed up the bed. Her little vacuum cleaner is in the kitchen as she pretends it is a lawnmower and her play food is all in front of Reese so they can play with that together.

Don't get me wrong. I am thrilled that she and Reese are learning to play together, and that she is playing with her toys instead of sitting in front of the tube all day. But I think the only time this house is clean for longer than a hour is after the girls are in bed or if we are out all day.

So, is this Mission Impossible or am I missing some ancient Chinese secret to a continuously clean house?


Lori Bailey said...

When Ben was this age, it was all about the baskets for us! Each set of blocks, matchbox cars, etc. had a basket and each basket had it's own place on a shelf in Ben's room (that he could reach). Then, we had several times throughout the day that we would pick up the house. It certainly didn't look perfect all the time, but it was a quick and easy way to get everything cleaned up!

jamila said...

in order for our house to stay clean I keep them in a designated place during the day. we mostly stay in the basement, that is where th tv is and they have room to play also. i find that it's easier than to have toys in the kitchen and in the bathroom. then if someone comes over they won't walk right in to chaos..