Thursday, May 19, 2005


This was given to me by a Powersource class leader at Fellowship several years back. It has been on my fridge ever since:

Titus 2:4

The Lord wants us to have AROMA in the home, but to have aroma in the home we must be in the home.

A- Affection
R- Respect
O- Order
A- Affirmation in the Lord

When people walk into your home what sense or aroma do they receive? One of peace or disorder? Kids running wild or running joyfully?

I tend to be a goer and doer. When I am out and about too much my home reflects it through chaos. I am finding that God is bringing me back home to care for my family in a better, more effecient way. He is really trying to change the way I look at being a SAHM. More on that later though!


jamila said...

this is very true! i love that.. i'm going to have to put that on our fridge also. it's a good reminder.

Pastor Jamila said...

i had posted the aroma acronym on my blog so that the people that i blog with could see and you will find it interesting that the comments are from all men.