Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Passion

I was recently reading a post of my husband's about how much he loved his job and how much fun he had on a daily basis. He is truly passionate about what he does. As I looked around the house at the beds that needed to be made, dishes washed and laundry folded, I thought--if this is what I am supposed to love and be passionate about I am in big trouble! Unless of course, we are talking about Mel Gibson's version of The Passion a.k.a. "the suffering". ;)

Such is the life of many stay at home moms. I can see where it can be hard to have joy in housework. No paycheck and people really only notice when you don't do a good job. There are no vacation days, sick days or benefits. So I talked to God. "Really, Lord, I will try to be passionate about this, but it may be a little tough to swallow." Shouldn't I feel an inherent passion for being a stay at home mom if this is His will for me?

My sweet heavenly Father quickly reminded me of several things. First of all, my job first and foremost is to be a helpmate to my husband and secondly to raise, love and spend time with two beautiful girls who love the Lord with all of their hearts. All the other responsibilities are just incidental. (And some days it is okay to let them wait.) Secondly, I am needed just as much around the house as Terry is at work. Now THAT, I am passionate about!

Although we haven't discussed it, I bet Terry has duties along with his job that he's not so crazy about either, but he does them. So, I will continue to make the same beds each day, wash the same dishes and try to make the house a calm and peaceful environment for us all to enjoy.

Reia just informed me it is raining next door. (Their spinklers are on.) And, she wants to "clean" her umbrella. The dishes can wait for an hour. I am going to go spend time doing what I am passionate about. God is so good!!!


Lori Bailey said...


When I look back on Ben's toddler years and how quickly they went by, I wish I had slowed down even more and just enjoyed the time with him. The times when we went on a picnic for lunch, walked to the park, or had a "jammies" day are such sweet memories - for me and him! Sounds like you are on the right track!


jamila said...

I have 3 children, ages 4,3,&1. sometimes it's a challenge but over all it is a joy.. I to used to wonder how was I supposed to be passionate about housework and the challenges around the house,but then I realized that just the feeling of getting it done and being organized there was such a rewarding feeling. As parents we must continue to spend time with our children because before we know it they will be parents. happy parenting!!!

Robin said...

jamila..I couldn't agree more! I just wish when I got things "done" they stayed that way for more than five min!! Tee hee! I really don't know how you do it with three. I have a hard time keeping my head above water with two. Good job and happy parenting to you as well.

jamila said...

yes, it's a good feeling but i also wish that it would stay that way also. i sometimes make it a game for them to help me. they are responsible for putting their plates in the kitchen and wiping off their little table, now I even managed to teach them how to make their bed, even though it's not how i would like it, but they are trying :) and of course they have to have areward so sometimes i give candy but not always. when i'm out and i see a major sale of little things like pencils lipgloss or little things like that i'll get them and put them in a box. and when they do things worthy of a treat. I take them to the treat box. they love it and so do I.