Saturday, April 09, 2005

Our First Trip to the ER

I was really hoping since we had girls that I may actually escape any trips to the local emergency room. But there we sat last night waiting to see a doctor because Reia said (actually screamed) that she had swallowed a quarter.

She had already gone to bed and was supposed to be sleeping. But, instead she was playing with money. Reia has never been the kind of kid who put things in her mouth. We always kept the dog food out and she never really touched it when she was a toddler, and she has played with the money in her piggy bank for some time now; previously with supervision and now on her own. So, it never occurred to me that at the age of 3 (and almost 1/2) she would put a quarter in her mouth. Good gravy! Was it too much to ask the she just GO TO SLEEP!

At first I laughed. God bless her--she looked and acted like she has swallowed a cockroach. Utterly mortified. But as I sat on her floor picking up all the change and explaining money was now off limits, I wondered if I should be worried. I called people I knew that would have possible experience with this kind of thing. Neighbors with little boys, my sister in law, and finally got hold of my mother in law. She suggested I call the ER. Really? A quarter is relatively big if it were to get stuck somewhere she told me. So, I called the ER.

Not much help over the phone. Just so you know, by law they cannot give any medical advice over the phone. The said if I were truly concerned to bring her in. Well, yes I was concerned; I was calling the ER wasn't I?

Terry came home from poker night to sit with Reese, and Reia and I went to the hospital. All in all, it was a good experience. They told us we really had to wait and see if she passed it. Yippee! Looking through my daughters poop for the next week sounds like a treat.

So here is the take home on all of this:
#1 You child will eventually swallow something you are not expecting.
#2 No child is exempt from emergency room visits
#3 Know what to do if something gets lodged in your child's that--I realized last night I wasn't really sure what to do if a quarter had blocked her airway. As soon as I find out where a local child cpr class is held in this area, I will post it.

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