Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Nanny Shows

My husband cannot stand Nanny 911 or Supernanny. I think they remind him of fingernails screeching down a chalkboard. Me? It's kind of like a gruesome train wreck. I have to watch and then discuss them with anyone else who watches the next day. And trust me, there are a fair number of us who want to make sure our kids are not the worst in the world.

I can understand that some of these parents need help, but what I cannot understand for the life of me why these people would want the whole world to know what horrible little trolls some of these children seem to be. Last night on Supernanny, a couple from the UK had four children. Three boys who cursed and spit at their mother and one (seemingly) sweet girl. It was truly disgusting. How do you get so far out of control? (I am reminding myself of my "Never Say Never" post .) I think the sheer embarrassment of it all would cause me to keep my kids in check. But here they were on the big screen in everyone's home--cursing, spitting, hitting, peeing on the floor. Ugh!

Nonetheless, Jo (Frost, the Nanny) seemed to get everything under control. At least for the week she was there. I have noticed the family update is a mere one or two days after the nanny has departed. I would love to see an update two or even six months later. That would be the real test.

The good thing about the nanny shows is the techniques they teach. I think many parents have no idea how to discipline their children or don't realize they aren't until they see the t.v. families displaying the same behavior seen in their own homes.

If you haven't seen them Nanny 911 comes on Fox, Mondays at 7:00 and Supernanny comes on ABC, Mondays at 9:00. Don't let your kids watch lest they get any ideas they didn't already have! ;)


Lori Bailey said...

I'm not much of a reality show watcher, but I flipped by Super Nanny one night and found it strangely interesting. For me, I think the draw was the makeover angle - taking "naughty" kids, applying discipline and love, and ending up with reformed children. Haven't watched it since, but I think it's got to rank above other reality shows in that there is at least some take-away!

Robin said...

I am really hoping not many people read my blog at the moment. If you do and caught my "typo", I apologize. Sad that I could type that word, and not notice. As if I type or say it so often. (I don't--that was a joke.) Thanks Lori for not embarrassing me by bringing it up as I am sure you caught it!

Lori Bailey said...

I thought maybe I missed a particularly juicy episode ;)