Thursday, April 07, 2005

My Encounter with Paula

Anyone who is addicted to Food Network, as I am, probably has their favorite chef(s). For me, it is Paula Deen and Rachel Ray. I love them both and every episode that is aired each day is TiVo'd for my future viewing pleasure.

So, when my good friend Michelle told me Paula was going to be at a book signing in Highland Park on Wednesday, I planned on being there. With no sitter available, and Terry home sick, the girls and I left the house for our Paula Adventure. I was very excited and had my camera and book for signing in tow.

When we arrived, I didn't expect to have about 150 people in line ahead of us. (I have never been to a book signing.) So, after a 1 1/2 hour wait, several trips to the potty inside Ralph Lauren (thanks to the sweet ladies who held our spot in line) we were next to see Paula. Now, let me say Reese and Reia had been fabulous up to this point, but they were both very tired. Reia even jumped up into Paula's lap and gave her a big hug. Seeing how she is the most undemonstrative kid on the earth, I was utterly shocked! But, just as the nice Williams Sonoma guy was about to take the picture--Reia stuck her tounge out at the camera. Ugh! And since everyone in line knew our names by now, I heard everyone one shout--"Reia stuck her tounge out!"

I wanted to die. Not only that, but they were handing my camera back to me. Is this how my picture was going to be? No, No, NO! Thankfully, the picture guy was nice enough to let me know he waited until after she jumped down to take the picture. Which is why she isn't in it.

I didn't really get to talk to Paula, but from other conversations I heard, she is as every bit as nice and down to earth as she seems on t.v. I like her even more now. And, if you don't have any of her cookbooks--I highly recommend them. Her newest cookbook, Paula Deen and Friends:Living it Up Southern Style, is #6 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

And as she says: Best Dishes from My Kitchen to Yours!

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Amy said...

Robin, you are halarious. I can hear your voice in your text. I feel like I was there watching this all happen. How exciting to meet Paula, I'm a big fan of Paula and Rachel Ray as well!