Friday, April 01, 2005

Miss You Grandma

Do you ever just start thinking about someone in your life who has passed away. Trying to remember every little detail that made them special to you? I recently bought some hand soap at Bath and Body Works called Kitchen Spice. Somehow they have managed to capture the scent of my grandmother's kitchen sink as the water runs. The minute I washed my hands with it I was instantly transported back to the little two bedroom house in Blytheville, Arkansas and the kitchen that overlooked the front porch and swing where I drank chocolate milk on Saturday mornings. And then it hit me--how much I missed her, and all of those little things.

I went and bought a bottle of the soap and wrote a letter to my grandpa. I know he misses her immensely and wasn't sure if he knew the grandkids did too. I told him in bullet point fashion about her lullabys, funny things she said, and everything she did that made her so special to me. Then I mailed the letter with the soap. I hope the smell makes him feel the same way I do.

It is important to remember those who meant so much to you. It is equally important to let those who are still with you know how much the mean to you now. I think tomorrow I will write him another letter. This one will entail all of the things I love and remember about him. I never really told my grandmother; I wish I had.


Amy said...

This post touched my heart. Thank you for writing your thoughts/feeling here Robin, you've reminded me of my own grandparents, and how I can better serve and encourage them!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother is my heart, she past in 2000 and I miss her all still.