Monday, April 18, 2005

I Cannot Give What I Do Not Have

Fellowship Church has a women's retreat (Get Your Groove Back) coming upApril 29-30, and this past weekend Lisa Young and Laura Strickland were shown on a video promoting the event. At one point Lisa commented that you cannot give what you do not have. Interesting and true, I thought.

Later in the sermon/talk/message, whatever term you prefer, Ed spoke of having an objective party to talk to when you are making a major decision so that your decision is not based on feelings, but also in truth. My good friend nudged me and smiled. At first I thought, how nice and flattering that she sees me that way. God is so good to me to give me such wonderful people in my life. However, it then dawned on me--I cannot give what I do not have.

How am I to give someone wise counsel, if I have not first gotten wisdom from the giver of wisdom? How can I give discernment if I do not have it by asking God for it? Studying His word and truth on a daily basis to see where I am lacking and asking Him to open my mind and heart to life change? It can't and won't happen!

I still find it amazing that anyone would look to me for that kind of advice, but she does. Right now, I can't say I have much to give that is worth any consequence. I do realize God can work through me in spite of myself. But, I want to be an active participant in God using me. I want to truly be available to His work. I am re-committing myself to a quiet time, and I am SOOOOO excited to see what God can do with me when I am actually paying attention to Him and His Spirit.

Does someone look to you? You think not. What about your kids? What about your neighbor or co-worker? What do they see in your life that you would want them to emulate? Me--not enough. Commit to your time with the Father. Ask for His wisdom and discernment. He wants to give it, but we have to be in Him to receive it.

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